How to Find Your Life Mission?

Ifound this picture of me when I was little. It brought back memories and made me think about one fundamental thing that I decided to share with you.

Manuel Gaudichon 5 years old

Each of us is on earth for something, for a purpose, for a life mission.

We need to identify this purpose, if only to give meaning to our lives. But, it is not so easy, because we want to rise through this goal.

Here is a clue that could help you find your life mission if you haven't already found it.

The solution to find your life mission

In his book " The Daily Laws Robert Greene reminds us that you have an inner strength that guides you towards your life mission, in other words what you are made to accomplish during your life.

When you were little this force was clear, it guided you towards activities and interests which corresponded to your natural inclinations and which triggered a deep and primitive curiosity.

Then the years pass, and this strength fades with education, social pressure and the anxieties that wear you down.

How to (re)find your inner strength

If you feel lost, even sad, it comes from a lack of connection between you and what makes you unique.

To change that, you need to discover who you really are to reconnect to your inner strength.

Thus, you will find the path that suits you and everything else will fall into place naturally.

It's time to reconnect the dots

To reconnect the dots try to remember your childhood: what were your dreams, your passions, the activities you liked to do for fun?

Ask your parents or your friends to find the creations you may have made at the time, the photos or the videos.

Reconnect to that inner strength, reconnect to that primal instinct. This is how you will be able to find your life mission.

Find what you like to do, what you need to do, and do it.

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